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How To Keep Your Home Cooler & Save Money

  • 10-24-2018

How Can New Windows Keep Your Home Cooler and Save Money? Windows are more than just house décor, they affect ventilation, brightness, and the temperature of your home. There is nothing worse than the inside of your home feeling more like the outside.  Air conditioning systems are the usual answer to the reducing heat but …

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New Vs. Replacement Windows

  • 07-01-2017

What’s the difference between New Windows and Replacement Windows? If you are considering your windows for you home you may be wondering what the difference between new windows versus replacement windows is. Really, there isn’t that much difference between the two options. It all depends on the type of window and whether you can leave …

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Replace Your Windows

  • 06-12-2017

Replace your windows to help keep your home cool We are always looking for cost-effective ways to help keep our homes cool in the hot and humid Florida temperatures. A great way to do that is by installing new windows. Here are the benefits of helping keep your call home cool with replacement windows. Energy …

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How to Prepare Your Home for Replacement Windows

  • 05-18-2017

Guide to Prep your home for your new windows If you’ve ever had any construction done in your home you know that it can be messy and disruptive to your daily life. This includes window replacement. In order to properly prepare your home for your new replacement windows here are some tips to help the …

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Hurricane Proof Windows

  • 04-04-2017

What are the benefits of Hurricane Proof Windows? Many coastal Florida homes have hurricane proof windows for obvious reasons. In order to protect from the heavy winds and rains during the possible hurricane, these sturdy windows will give you peace of mind. However hurricane proof windows aren’t just meant for strong winds and rains. There are …

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