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Signs For Window Replacement

Homes commonly have wear and tear, learn signs to look for relating to window replacement needs. Have you ever been sitting in your living room or kitchen and couldn’t help but notice the neighbor’s dog sounded a little louder today? Or maybe you woke up to unexpectedly foggy windows after a cold night. Well, you’re not alone! Many homeowners experience these and other clear indicators that their windows have aged to the point where an inspection and replacement are in order. Here are the telltale signs that your windows need to be replaced soon!

High Energy Bills & Replacement Windows

Grab your energy bills for the past few months and see if there’s a trend in rising prices. If so, that could also explain why your house may have felt unusually drafty as of late. If you have a smart thermostat then you may even be able to check the app on your phone to see usage patterns and draw conclusions. Remember the neighbor’s dog we mentioned earlier? Windows that aren’t keeping the outside air out are also letting outside noise in more than what they should! This is a major sign that a window replacement is needed.

You Recently Experienced Intense Weather

We live in Florida, so this one should be a giveaway. Surprisingly enough, however, folks are usually busy cleaning up the yard or street and forget to check on their seemingly in-tact windows. Some things to consider for Gulfside residents are sea salt, humidity, or coastal winds. More inland residents should still take extra caution especially after a Tropical Storm and any Hurricane. Being aware of the condition of your windows will allow you to be more tuned in on if it is time for a window replacement.

Seeing Fog Between Double Pane Windows

If you have double-pane windows and are seeing fog build up then you more than likely have a problem on your hands. A good way to verify this is to test the temperature of the actual window glass on the inside of your home. If it feels hot or cold to the touch (depending on the season) then the windows simply aren’t doing the job they were designed for. This means it is time for a window replacement on your home.

You Don’t Have Double Glazing

Another sign might be that you don’t actually have double pane windows. This is particularly common in historic districts or older homes that have a lot of charm but lack in efficiency. Single pane windows are the culprit for many things including residents or guests feeling like they just can’t get comfy indoors. Double pane windows can literally save you thousands in energy costs, so it’s a worthwhile investment! We recommend considering double pane when receiving a window replacement for your Florida home.

Inspect the caulking on the outside of the window

Have you taken a look at the outside of your windows? Things to look out for are the caulking and sealing of the window itself. If there are gaps, cracks or any other smaller damages to any portion of the window or frame then you’re going to want to schedule an inspection and get the issue remedied as soon as possible. These small, but important, details can progressively impact your family. When you find problem areas like these then it is time to consider a window replacement.

What Should I Do Now?

No one likes to have to replace windows, especially during the holidays, but we can promise that nothing is worse than something like this causing an even bigger problem for you in the months to come. Give us a call and we’ll work together to make sure that your windows are taken care of, your home is a safe place, and that you’re saving money by doing the right thing.

To get a free, no-obligation quote contact Gulfside Windows And Doors and schedule a free in-home consultation. Learn more about questions to ask when hiring a window company.

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