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Benefits Of Upgrading Screen Enclosures To Windows

Upgrading your screen enclosure with windows is a great way of enjoying the outdoors without experiencing some of the annoyances that can come with it. Keeping Mosquitoes out, will keep your family and loved ones safe from getting bit, and even more daunting, disease. In addition, updating your screens to windows will keep you safer from UV rays. Being outside directly in the sun can cause sun poisoning, heatstroke, or even cancer. Windows can help with decreasing any of those things from happening. Windows also can uphold privacy in your home, even when you’re outside. 

UV Rays

UV rays can be very dangerous when the proper precautions are not taken. They can cause skin cancer if you do not apply proper skincare or SPF. UV rays can also heavily fade your furniture or items that you keep outside for the kids to use or play with. Windows don’t just protect your furniture against damage, but your skin and health as well. You can experience sun poisoning or even skin cancer as a direct result of UV rays. Having a screen enclosure upgraded with windows can reverse these problems entirely. 


Mosquitos are one of the most common hosts of malaria. They can even connect to a host from another swarm and contract malaria in order to be a carrier. This can cause havoc for the public and even different communities in different states where mosquitoes are more common. Upgrading a screened-in area with windows can completely eliminate that problem. Mosquitos have no way to get through windows. It is not possible for them to access your space when you have windows installed. 


No matter where you enjoy being outside near your house, privacy should be a top priority. Upgrading your screen enclosure to windows allow you to enjoy the outdoors with all the privacy of staying indoors. They also keep you and your family out of sight from strangers and behind your own home. 

We hope you’ve been able to weigh out the pros of investing in upgrading your screen enclosures to windows for your home. We are here to help you and be your number one source for window installation.

For more information about upgrading your sunroom with beautiful windows contact Gulfside Windows and Doors today. We are here to answer all your questions and offer a free in-home consultation.

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