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The Best Time To Replace Your Florida Windows

We’re sure you would agree that there’s nowhere better to be than Central Florida when it’s winter. Many areas in central Florida are very lucky to have sunshine for the majority of the year, and our winter isn’t what many others experience in the USA. In fact, it’s so upsetting that our population increases greatly with “snowbirds,” or seniors who head to central Florida to get away from the cold. Enjoying central Floridas warm sunshine is just the ticket for many snowbirds.

Did you know that central Florida winters are the perfect time to replace your windows? Yes, that is correct! of the reasons why many homeowners upgrade their windows and doors during Central Florida’s winter seasons.

A big reason is there’s isn’t that much rain in the winter

There is no doubt that summers in Central Florida locations like Sarasota are much heavy in rainfall compared to the winter months. Window replacement in Central Florida locations can be a lot easier to accomplish quickly and efficiently when there is a good stretch of dry weather, and the winter is the driest part of the year.

With hurricanes season ending in November, they are less likely to happen in the winter

Hurricane season ranges from August to November, with the peak month for the storms happening in September. Taking hurricane season into account it’s ideal to install your windows between November and February. Hurricanes are very unlikely in the winter, which isn’t to say that they don’t happen, but they’re far less likely during winter.

Drop-in temperature

We Floridians love the cooler weather and replacing windows is hard work! The heat, the humidity becomes difficult on many levels.  Winter makes more pleasant temps for everyone when upgrading your windows and doors.

Decreased wait for delivery and installation 

Here’s an interesting fact: it can take up to four weeks longer to get your replacement windows delivered and installed during hurricane season. This is due to the high demands for hurricane windows, during the hurricane season. Unfortunately, if the storm has been forecasted, it’s already too late! Instead, plan ahead to replace your windows with non-impact hurricane windows in the offseason. Stay ahead and stay prepared upgrading after the hurricane season during winter will ensure that your home will be safe next hurricane season. The bonus you won’t have to wait for months to enjoy your new windows!

Seeking professionals is the most cost-efficient way to ensure you have the best window for your window replacement project. For more information about replacing your windows contact Gulfside Windows, Doors, & More today. We are here to answer all your questions and offer a free in-home consultation.

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