The world as we know is becoming more technologically advanced, including energy efficient windows. From this perspective, home improvement can also become a progressively complex world. These types of windows are much different than other windows. They can lower energy bills, but there’s also technology that plays a huge part in how these windows work. 

To help you better understand how these windows work, we’ll be giving you pointers and information about how they work. We’ll break down efficiency features. We’ll also tell you how they save you money by keeping you cooler during the summer, and warmer in the winter.

Coatings for Energy Efficient Windows

There are many new and emerging technologies concerning energy efficient windows. One of them is Low-E Glass. Low-E Glass is used to block sun rays, up to 90% of them. These windows can keep the heat inside when it’s cold outside, and the cold inside when it’s hot outside. 

There is also a diverse amount of glazing options available for this part of window. These include reflective coatings, tints and even gas fills. These are all to help you save on your cooling and heating costs.


To keep your energy efficient windows even more efficient, you can have spacer systems installed. Spacer systems are a more energy efficient way to insulate your windows.

Spacer systems use structural polymer foam instead of metal. These systems are used to lower the U value (rate of heat loss) in your home. The lower the U value, the better the efficiency of the windows you’ve had installed.

Heat filtrates through windows if they are not installed with proper glass, spacers, or coating.

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