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For a service warranty request please enter details below. As a reminder, some warranties are limited and some are lifetime. Please refer to the manufacturer’s warranty limits if your request falls outside of the limits we are more than happy to submit a request and send a skilled service technician there will be a service fee. Please give our team 2-3 days to respond to your service request.

Service Fee Expectations

The below fees are labor charges, if Gulfside Windows chooses to perform labor on the product. Gulfside Windows has the right to refuse service for any purpose and reason.  Please read the warranty clauses that pertain to your product to know what items are covered under warranty and for how long. As a courtesy, Gulfside Windows reserves the right to waive any and/or all service fees.

Inspection Trip Charge/Warranty Transfer
If GULFSIDE WINDOWS deems necessary to have a Field Inspection performed to investigate a warranty

 A $175 Trip Charge due prior to dispatch.
 If the customer does not wish to continue with the service after the inspection is
performed or a product issue is found that is not covered under a warranty clause, a
check or credit card payment will need to be collected prior to the inspector leaving
the residence.
Balancer Replacement Cost

 $100 charge to replace one set and $70 each set thereafter on the same visit plus the one-
time trip charge of $175.

Sash Replacement Cost

 $75 per sash, one-time trip charge of $175, and the cost of any parts necessary to complete
the service if not covered under the Manufacturer warranty.

Miscellaneous Item Cost
Hardware including but not limited to glazing bead, handles, SGD and SD adjustments, and rollers.
 $100 minimum, one-time trip charge of $175, and the cost of any parts necessary to
complete the service.

Re-glazing Glass

 $150 per re-glaze, one-time trip charge of $175, and the cost of any parts necessary to
complete the service if not covered under the Manufacturer warranty.

Door Panel Replacement

 $300 per individual panel, one-time trip charge of $175, and the cost of any parts necessary to
complete the service.

How to prevent water ingress on sliding doors.

What is water ingress and why does it occur?

Water ingress refers to water infiltrating a property. This can happen in many ways and for a number of different reasons. Glazing can be a way for water to enter even if it was been installed correctly. Drainage, ledges, cills and surrounding building finishes all need careful consideration, especially in countries with high rainfall. 

Why does my sliding door track fill with water?

Following sliding glass door installations, the homeowner may experience water sitting in the base track which may look like a cause for concern, however, there are many logical reasons why this may occur:

  • During heavy rainfall, if the water entering the tracks is greater than the water flowing out via the drainage holes in the base track, then the water may be visible on the inner base tracks. This is more likely in areas with higher rainfall or countries subject to extreme weather conditions.
  • Water sitting in the base track may occur due to debris blocking the drainage holes. Hurricane zones could also be more subject to debris getting in the way of the tracks and will need to be regularly checked.
  • Small amounts of water may remain in the tracks and will rely on evaporation to clear. Larger pools of water will of course drain naturally through the systems drainage channels externally (providing the drainage holes are kept clear).
How can I prevent water building up in the drainage tracks of my sliding doors?

How can I prevent water from building up in the drainage tracks of my sliding doors? 

To help prevent the blockage of the drainage holes (and therefore help to reduce the risk of water ingress) the tracks should be maintained and cleaned on a weekly basis, to ensure the optimum performance of the sliding doors and to ensure that debris is not building up and slowing the systems designed drainage.  

What does water ingress look like with sliding doors?

Water rising and entering the property can be caused by blockages within the drainage system that is preventing the water from flowing freely. In the unlikely event that water is backing up and rising within the track compartments please ensure that you have checked for any obstruction, including externally against our framework to ensure water is able to flow out of the system as designed. 

If you have any questions regarding water ingress and sliding glass doors, contact the team today who will be happy to answer any questions.

Note: IQ Glass will endeavor to resolve any problems that may arise with water backing up through the drainage channels. To arrange a service attendance, contact IQ Glass – however, please be aware that charges will apply if the water isn’t draining out of the system due to poor maintenance of the system.

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